The Internet Association of Australia, operator of Australia’s largest and longest-standing, non-profit, carrier-neutral Internet Exchanges, believes NBN Co’s recent announcement, that it will be continuing with its withdrawal of their COVID-19 inspired 40% CVC boost in September, to be detrimental to both customers and the internet community.

“NBN Co’s recent intervention on pricing has been a welcome relief and greatly improved sentiment towards the NBN generally,” explains IAA Chief Executive Officer, Narelle Clark.”

“It is the Association’s view that it is too early to remove this relief. ISPs, especially those smaller providers, have found their cost base unexpectedly and massively altered due to the pandemic and need time to adjust their capital and operating programs.”

“Removal of this additional support now by NBN Co will disproportionately affect providers at the smaller end of the spectrum who are also vital businesses supplying Australia’s industry and social fabric.”

Given the Federal Government’s relief package is still in place, IAA believes the withdrawal of NBN Co’s pricing relief on CVC capacity has the potential to significantly reduce the quality of service to residential and business customers.

At a time when the shift to working and studying from home is crucial, the reliance on Australia’s broadband network has never been more important. By extending their relief package, IAA believes NBN Co will help service providers continue to provide Australia’s necessary connectivity and continuity of services.

The Internet Association of Australia (IAA) welcomes the long awaited release of the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor’s report into the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Act 2018. IAA appreciates the considerable effort the INSLM has put into the review, including the time spent with IAA members discussing their concerns.

“Internet service providers need confidence that the orders they receive from law enforcement are properly scrutinised and appropriate,” said Ms Clark, CEO. “If ISPs are being required to undermine the reliability and security of internet services, they must be confident it is for a correspondingly well-founded, serious and life-threatening reason. The INSLM recommendations, if implemented, will go some way towards providing this guarantee.”

The additional scrutiny being proposed by the INSLM, in the form of an Investigatory Powers Commissioner, should be established urgently and provided with the appropriate resources, such as an independent advisory body for technical matters. IAA is willing to assist with such a body, to ensure that the internet industry is properly represented. “Our members have very real challenges in implementing TANs and TCNs, and these need to be taken into account. It has all too often been the case that the realities of implementation and resource requirements are not understood”, Ms Clark said today.

The members of IAA are vital in the provision of a trusted internet and trusted telecommunications, as well as of content and communications services broadly. The Australian community has shown its willingness to rely – and indeed depend on –these providers throughout the pandemic. This trust deserves to be rewarded with corresponding reliability. The creation of systems that undermine that trust – through under-scrutinised access mechanisms, such as TANs and TCNs – will only harm the economy and Australia’s social fabric at a vulnerable time. It is therefore vital that the INSLM’s recommendations be adopted.

Additional matters which are not fully addressed within the report pertain to the compliance burden that IAA members have pointed to previously. The industry bears a considerable compliance burden already, and this type of legislation, of which we have seen considerable amounts over recent years, only adds to it. The level of support required to implement TANs and TCNs is difficult to forecast, and therefore difficult to plan for and cost. Just analysing the requirements of the legislation alone is a challenge for the typical small internet provider.

Further, IAA would like to see greater protections for internet service providers and their staff when acting to protect the communications of Australians or when complying with legislation such as TOLA. IAA is not satisfied that there are sufficient protections for ISP employees acting in good faith in the performance of their duties, and further clarity on the potential for hefty fines or incarceration is urgently required.

The Internet Association of Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Narelle Clark as its Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

After an exhaustive search, the Board determined that Narelle’s combination of deep Internet expertise, all-round industry knowledge and drive will enable the Association to move to the next level. The high regard with which Narelle is held across the industry means our Internet Exchange operations will continue to grow and deliver across Australia and New Zealand, in tandem with an increase in our work in member services and the Internet policy arena.

We are pleased that Narelle has taken on this challenging position and are confident she will embrace our plans to expand member services with enthusiasm. We have been seeking to increase our policy engagement and introduce a range of member education offers and Narelle’s experience will guide us well into the future.

“I would like to convey to members how keen I am to take on this position” said Ms Clark. “IAA’s infrastructure is second to none, with the widest number of points of presence, the most extensive content arrangements, and a member base that spans all parts of Australia’s Internet. Without the collaboration between builders, content and service providers Australians would not have enjoyed the level of Internet performance during lockdown we have seen.”

The Association recently observed some 100Gbps of additional Internet traffic across its exchanges, noting near perfect uptime across the peering fabric.

Narelle comes to the Association with a stellar career across the internet and telecommunications industry both within Australia and internationally, having held senior roles in a range of service providers, not-for profit organisations and policy and standards working groups. She has held prominent industry roles with CSIRO, Optus, the Public Interest Registry (operator of .Org), and ACCAN, and consulted to Telecom New Zealand, government departments and telecommunications and content providers. Narelle is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and has a Bachelors degree in Applied Physics, a Masters in Engineering (Telecommunications) and a postgraduate diploma in Management.

Please join us in welcoming Narelle on board, we are excited to see continued growth and success of the Association under her leadership.

Support for members and community affected by the fires

Dear Member,

The Internet Association of Australia (IAA) are pleased to launch 40Gbps peering services on their IX Australia network. Long term member and peer amaysim are the first to light up 40Gbps services on both NSW-IX and WA-IX.

“As a member driven association IAA strive to provide any services which support our members and the Internet as a whole in Australia,” said Association Chair and Technical Manager, Joe Wooller. “In delivering 40Gbps peering the association is once again addressing the needs of our members”.

“Peering at 40Gbps enables us to maximize the performance benefits of our links with major content providers including Facebook, Google, and Netflix. Amaysim is the first internet provider to connect to both, Sydney and Perth internet exchanges at 40Gbps. This new and cutting-edge network design ultimately delivers a better experience for our customers,” says Rob Appel, Commercial Director Broadband at amaysim.”

“We are extremely pleased to see the continued growth of our network, delivering Australia’s only not-for-profit and carrier natural Internet peering exchange, IX Australia. The Association will continue to provide quality services to our members,” said Wooller.

“IAA remains committed to developing projects that support both members’ needs and the Internet community.”

40Gbps peering is available now at $1250 exc GST per month. For further information on 40Gbps peering on any IX Australia peering points please contact IX Australia Technical Manager, Joe Wooller, on 1300 653 132 or

The Internet Association of Australia Inc (IAA) is pleased to announce the continued growth of the network with new Points of Presence (PoP) launching in South Australia. Two peering points have been lit up on SA-IX in YourDC, Hawthorn and Edinburgh Parks, bringing the network to 31 PoPs nationally.

SA-IX is a carrier-neutral peering exchange service, launched in February 2013, and is part of the highly successful IX Australia network. IX Australia has peering exchanges in Western Australia (WA-IX), New South Wales (NSW-IX), Victoria (VIC-IX), Queensland (QLD-IX) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT-IX).

“The introduction of two new PoPs at YourDC provides our members with greater options for their peering needs in South Australia.” said IX Australia Technical Manager, Joe Wooller. “We now have seven connection points available in South Australia making it easier for our existing and potential members to leverage our services.”

“YourDC facilities provide some of the best data centre services and facilities in South Australia and will prove to be a valuable location for IX Australia’s 30th and 31st PoPs. We are pleased to be partnering with the team at YourDC.”

“SA-IX is a valuable part of YourDC’s peering fabric. It connects our customers easily and at fast speeds to more than twenty data centres and hundreds of providers operating on the network,” said YourDC CEO, Scott Hicks. “We are looking forward to building this strategic relationship with IX Australia.”

IAA provides SA-IX peering at no cost to our members who are currently peering on another IX Australia fabric, in a deal similar to members on ACT-IX. The Association strives to provide value to our members and we’re always looking to expand services to benefit our members.

Any ISPs, WISPs or enterprises located in South Australia are invited to reach out to YourDC and IX Australia to discuss the benefits of the services available on SA-IX.

For further information on peering with SA-IX or any IX Australia peering points please contact IX Australia Technical Manager, Joe Wooller, on 1300 653 132 or or visit


The Internet Association of Australia Inc (IAA) and Colocity are pleased to announce the addition of the Colocity Adelaide DC3 data centre to the South Australian Internet Exchange fabric (SA-IX).

SA-IX is a carrier-neutral peering exchange service, part of the highly successful IX Australia network. IX Australia is the only not-for-profit and carrier-neutral Internet Exchange operating across Australia. The expansion of SA-IX to the Colocity data centre now provides businesses and Service Providers a new option for connecting to the National Exchange network.

“We are pleased to see SA-IX continue to expand since its launch in 2013,” said IX Australia Technical Manager Joe Wooller. “We continue to provide SA-IX as a no cost service to our members, and are increasing our points of connectivity to help benefit the industry and our membership in South Australia.”

Colocity is a South Australian owned and operated independent carrier-neutral data centre provider, which operates from locations in the Adelaide CBD.  Started in 2007, Colocity provides co-location space for IT equipment in a secure, fully redundant facility and provides fibre connectivity to all major carriers.

“We are proud to support IAA with the expansion into our new DC3 data centre,” said Colocity CEO Matthew Baker. “We encourage companies to participate in the Internet Exchange to gain access to all the great services and content now available. By utilising the services on offer over the Internet Exchange access speeds and reliability will be vastly improved over traditional connections.”

For further information on peering from SA-IX or any of the IX Australia peering points please contact IX Australia Technical Manager, Joe Wooller, on 1300 793 320 or or visit

In August 2016, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) commenced a market study into the communications sector.

The Internet Association of Australia has been approached by the ACCC to provide a better understanding of network interconnect topology and the associated market place in Australia.

As part of this process we would like to invite our members to contribute to the sector study.

If you are interested in providing feedback, insight or information to the ACCC, please contact us and we will connect you to the right team at the ACCC.

Kellie Ireland
IAA Executive Officer

Tom Berryman
IAA President

The Internet Association of Australia Inc (IAA) is pleased to announce the successful change of the Associations’ name, from the Western Australian Internet Association (Inc.) (WAIA).

Association President, Tom Berryman said, “The executive is very pleased about change, the Internet Association of Australia better represents our membership and we are looking forward to undertaking our new projects under our new name.”

Founded in Western Australia in 1995, WAIA is a member-based association representing the Internet community. Membership has grown to represent a national base with major international organisations also holding memberships.

Members of the Association voted to support the name change at a Special General Meeting held in January.

As providers of Australia’s only not for profit and carrier natural Internet peering exchange, IX Australia, the Association will continue to provide quality services to our members.

“Following the overwhelming success of the Auckland Internet Exchange (AKL-IX) trial conducted by the Internet Association of Australia (IAA), operators of IX Australia, we are pleased to announce the launch of the New Zealand Internet Exchange Incorporated (NZIX Inc),” said Chairman Davey Goode.

“Through the support of the team at IAA we have developed a member governed, neutral peering exchange which will provide easier and more cost effective interconnects for the internet community of New Zealand.

“Moving forward the NZIX Inc committee will take on overseeing the management and growth of the exchange with the ongoing support of IAA.”

“As a founding member of NZ-IX Inc we are committed to providing ongoing support to the exchange growth,” said IAA President Tom Berryman. “The development of an independent and neutral peering exchange in New Zealand benefits the internet community in the region by introducing more peering options and services, as well as our existing membership and peering base at home in Australia.”

The AKL-IX exchange has been in a trial period for 12 months, and the exchange will commence charging for services from 1 July 2016.

We are now inviting all our current peers to sign up as members of NZIX Inc by visiting and ordering the required port size, 1GB or 10GB, both sizes will be charged at $350 NZD per month (excluding GST).

NZIX looks forward to the support of our existing peers, and welcomes new peers to contact us to join.

For further information please contact or visit

New Zealand Internet Exchange Incorporated Foundation Members
CloudFlare, Inc
Connectivity I.T.
Full Flavour Ltd
Inspire Net Ltd
Lightwire Limited
Vibe Communications LTD
Vocus Pty Ltd
Internet Association of Australia Inc.

New Zealand Internet Exchange Incorporated Committee Members
Davey Goode, Vibe Communications LTD (Chairman)
Joseph Wooller, Internet Association of Australia Inc. (Secretary)
Petar Nikolich, Internet Association of Australia Inc.(Treasurer)
Chris Browning, Lightwire Limited
Dave Mill, Inspire Net Ltd
Tom Paseka, CloudFlare, Inc