Have you ever wondered what the IAA Board does? Well, wonder no more as they have started producing quarterly reports on their activities. In a nutshell, however, the IAA Board meets monthly and is responsible for the overarching governance and strategy of the Association. The Board reports can be downloaded from our website.

Australians are now spending over $4 billion per year on fixed line broadband services. With the internet being such an integral part of everyday life, it is important to be confident in the information available to assist consumers in choosing the plan that best suits. IAA’s next Life Under Lockdown event, on Tuesday 22 September, […]

It’s been a little quieter around here over the last month, as it’s been head down, tail up ploughing through the upgrades (well done Nick and Aaron) and preparing for our AGM in just over a week’s time. I participated in a panel as part of APNIC’s Networking from Home Oceania event and will be […]

After weeks of preparation, IAA team leader Nick Pratley and engineer, Aaron Chidiac, pulled a night shift at Equinix SY1 last week, successfully replacing the Extreme Black Diamond X8. The huge 14.5 RU BDX8 modular switch has, up until now, given us the flexibility to satisfy all peer requirements, but we’ve chosen to replace it […]

We have had another busy month at IAA. After running the first successful online event, we hosted a more technical deep dive on RPKI and are compiling an event program that will take us to the end of the year. Thank you to those who have made suggestions for topics and speakers, and particularly to […]

IAA is pleased to be able to welcome back Tanzia Hewer to the Association following her parental leave. Tanzia will be working directly with IAA CEO, Narelle Clark, assisting her with administration tasks, as well as taking on the day to day business operations and governance support for the New Zealand Internet Exchange. It is […]

Members and friends this month enjoyed a deep dive into RPKI implementation as part of our Life Under Lockdown series. On the topic of ‘How to avoid heists, hijacks and hostages’ the importance of BGP security was covered. Several ways of keeping your routing table secure and in sync with APNIC (and other) authoritative sources […]

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications has released the third part of its Consumer Safeguards review. The latest consultation looks to position Australia’s consumer safeguards for a post-2020 environment. Part C reviews how best to provide choice and fairness in the consumer-provider relationship, including the role of industry self-regulation, legacy consumer protections […]

IAA has been supporting APNIC’s Networking from Home initiative over the last few months. The final event in the series is on Tuesday 4th August, starting at 11am AEST and we encourage our members to attend. Listen to Geoff Huston as he looks at the framework of trust in today’s Internet and explores the weakness […]

Due to TPG closing the old PIPE DC3 facility in Brisbane, the team recently completed a rearrangement of the network across QLD-IX. We’ve built a new link between the Over The Wire and NextDC B2 facilities in Fortitude Valley, and without interruption to service. All of our systems have now vacated DC3.