As Melbourne emerges from lockdown, we are continuing our online event series, this time looking at building an ISP on a budget. Life Under Lockdown: Roll your own ISP, how to build a scalable, reliable ISP from low cost components will take you on a journey from start up to successful service provider. IAA Board […]

We would officially like to welcome two new members to the IAA Board, Richard Thompson from Cloudflare and Nate Garr from StackPath, both elected by corporate members for two-year terms. We are also delighted to welcome back to the board David Hooton, Matthew Moyle-Croft, Matthew Enger and Brett O’Hara. David and Brett were both elected […]

IAA will be increasing Melbourne’s cache capacity by an additional 100G for Netflix and Google caches in November. Members are reminded that the Facebook cache is an opt in service, but all other cache capacity will be available immediately.

After a lengthy build up, it’s a relief to say we held our AGM for FY19-20 on 27 October, and with our first ever published Annual Report. I would like to thank all members who attended and hope you enjoyed the format. I would personally like to thank the staff and Board members who put […]

We are in the process of building additional mirror servers and are open to suggestions for content! Is there any content you would like us to mirror? Do you prefer cat videos or linux distros? Let us know! Email our team on

It’s nearly that time of year again. IAA will be implementing a change freeze on services between 23rd December 2020 and 10th January 2021 inclusive. During this time services will not be added or removed. Support staff will be on call to deal with urgent issues, so members should rest assured that all IXes will […]

IAA welcomes the new 100Gbps Facebook cache in Victoria. Members who want to receive Facebook content in these exchanges, please ensure your PeeringDB record is up-to-date and reach out to Facebook to setup a bilateral BGP session. We are working currently to activate caches in Qld and WA and will advise members once they are […]

IAA members were treated to in depth look into how the ACCC’s broadband monitoring system works during this month’s Life Under Lockdown event. Presentations from the ACCC and their performance testing provider SamKnows explained the rationale and technology used to assess Australia’s broadband network performance. Sean Riordan, Head of the ACCC’s broadband performance monitoring program, […]

We have had an exciting and challenging month this month with numerous projects and events. Our RPKI activation went completely smoothly, so now we can all be smug that our routing is as clean as can be. We also welcomed Sean Riordan from the ACCC with SamKnows for a lively session on broadband performance measurement […]

The new date for the IAA Annual General Meeting has been set for Tuesday 27th October, 1.30pm AWST / 4.30pm AEDT. We are pleased to announce that we have secured a guest speaker to present at this year’s AGM. Jari Arkko is an Expert on Internet Architecture with Ericsson Research based in Finland. Jari Arkko […]