Are you interested in finding out how your network’s broadband performance stacks up against others in the industry? Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) members are now eligible to join the ACCC’s broadband monitoring program. Some members had complained to IAA that only larger ISPs (and we know who they are) were able to participate in […]

A year later than scheduled (thank you COVID!), on Friday 19th February the power and aircon was turned off at Perth’s QV1 SR2 room for the first and final time. A big part of our history is now retired. After quite a few on again / off again moments, our Tech Team Leader, Nick Pratley, […]

IAA engineers have been busy this month installing six new devices for physical lab testing and to assess different automation stacks for our upcoming portal redesign work. Whilst currently using a single switch vendor within our peering networks, challenges with automation mean we need to look at a range of vendors including those that support […]

Members with services and customers using Amazon should take advantage of some recent expansion and redundancy going in across IX Australia. In particular, Perth’s Amazon connections were recently expanded, so those members on WA-IX should contact Amazon to jump on board. Those members on VIC-IX should similarly bring up new sessions as there is bandwidth […]

Well, hasn’t this year started with a bang! Who expected industry regulation (in the form of the News Media Code) to be everyone’s family catch up topic this month? Not since Wikipedia went dark have we seen such a stand from a major tech player on a regulatory issue. We have had some success in […]

Members and guests enjoyed a lively and informative discussion featuring experts passionate about technology, its use and regulation at the IAA 2021 Technology Outlook session this week. Many attendees were keen to see ubiquitous, high bandwidth connectivity (either 5G or Starlink) for the myriad of nanotech and microchip manufacturer-driven IoT uses, but cautioned against the […]

Happy “Nick was let into WA Day”!   We’ve been cleaning up a bunch and it’s time to offload some stuff from QV1 that is no longer in use. Some of it could make for an interesting home lab.  It’s now time for a Fire Sale – Everything must go! First in first served, no holds, and pick up only on the smaller / FREE items. We will […]

Let me wish a hearty welcome to 2021 to all our members and stakeholders. Already we have been planning some more upgrades, old equipment removals, online events and hopefully in person ones later this year. We’d also like to hear from any members thinking of downsizing your office space in the North Ryde (NSW) area, […]

You may have already seen on Facebook and Twitter that from January 1st IAA has dropped the set-up fee for all 100Gbps ports, bringing them into line with our other ports. This means there are now NO set-up fees for any of IX Australia’s current range of peering ports. To upgrade your services or purchase […]

With our west coast team productive and happy in their Perth digs, we are now looking at the option of having a small space on the east coast for our Sydney based team. We are willing to consider sub-letting from members who might be down-sizing or know of good places in the North Ryde area […]