Each year Women in Technology WA (WiTWA) hosts the Tech [+] Awards as a way to shine a light on the diversity of women who work in tech roles and organisations in Western Australia. This event showcases the incredible talent of women in various technology industries. There are currently four categories for people who identify […]

Are you concerned with the existing threats to our Internet? How about the growth challenges, structural problems, and competing interests arising from commercial, social, and regulatory forces? Join us as our very own Narelle Clark discusses both current and future challenges of the modern Internet and reviews practical solutions, suitable for both citizens and network […]

Earlier this year, our Internet Service Provider (ISP) members were granted eligibility to join the ACCC’s broadband monitoring program. Prior to this, only larger ISPs could participate, providing them with a competitive, marketable advantage. Following our successful appeal to the ACCC, several members have become eligible to join the program, and we encourage our members […]

This year’s Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Scams Awareness Network’s (SAN) Scams Awareness Week will be held the week of 8 – 12 November 2021. The theme for this year is let’s talk scams, to encourage all Australians to talk about scams with family, friends, and colleagues to raise awareness, educate, and empower […]

This year we are proud to launch our new IAASysters@AusNOG program. This program is based on the international systers.org and systers@IETF programs and offers ten sponsored attendees the opportunity to participate in both the AusNOG conference and our IAASysters@AusNOG workshop.   As avid sponsors and attendees of the AusNOG conference, we have noticed declining participation rates from certain sectors of our industry in previous years. As our […]

The Internet Association of Australia is pleased to announce that it will transition to a company limited by guarantee. Members of the Association voted to support the transition at the Special General Meeting held Wednesday 28 July 2021. This means we will be governed by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and become a company limited […]

IAA has been notified of the upcoming closure of Primus DC, located at 55 King Street, Melbourne. Vocus has advised us that we need to vacate the premises by 30 September 2021. Unfortunately, this means members with ports within the data centre will be affected as IAA will no longer be able to offer services […]

If you have a service in our shared space in Global Switch Sydney, it’s time to be on the move! Notices have been issued to all members who are affected and have been advised that the date for shutdown is Thursday, January 27 2022. If you need to relocate your services, please choose one of […]

We are happy to announce that Aussie Broadband has delivered two new transit services to IAA. Over the next month, our engineers will be working towards migrating AS10084 to the new paths, and any members affected by the changes will be notified accordingly. Using the new paths means we can reduce complexity by retiring old […]

July’s Advocacy Corner Update Submissions which may be of interest to our members include:   ACMA has an open consultation for their Statement of Expectations for Consumer Vulnerability. The purpose of this is to outline expectations for how the telecommunications industry should support vulnerable consumers, especially in the areas of internal business practices, selling and contracting, customer service, financial hardship […]