As an organisation with a proud heritage deep-seated in advocacy, we are pleased to share our most recent submissions: Expressed our perspective on the Department of Home Affairs’ Strengthening Australia’s cyber security regulations and incentives Discussion Paper Supported the ACCC’s view that the WADSL Declaration should be extended until 30 June 2024 in our Wholesale […]

There are clearly a lot of people stuck at home on the internet right now and this is being reflected across our traffic statistics, with us hitting all time highs. We are hitting higher rates across NSW-IX to the point we will be looking to do a nice big upgrade as soon as we can, […]

This year’s Annual General Meeting is yet to be announced as we navigate through the rapidly changing Covid-19 situation. Traditionally our AGMs have been held in line with the AusNOG conference however, due to its postponement, our AGM will be held separately this year. As you may be aware, we are in the process of […]

This year we launched our IAASysters@AusNOG program. This program is based on the international and systers@IETF programs and offers ten sponsored attendees the opportunity to participate in both the Australian Network Operators Group (AusNOG) conference and our IAASysters@AusNOG workshop. We are passionate about cultivating a more inclusive Internet industry and have created the IAASysters@AusNOG […]

We are pleased to announce that members of the Association voted to support the proposed transition to a company limited by guarantee at the Special General Meeting held Wednesday 28 July 2021. The process of deregistration from the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA) has been authorised by the WA regulator, and we have submitted the […]

Another fantastic event done and dusted in 2021. During this joint event with the Australian Computer Society (ACS), our very own, Narelle Clark, took us on a journey through all things Internet, guided by the theme ‘how it started and how it’s going.’ Beginning with a brief introduction of IAA, we heard about technology, architecture, […]

During the month of August, both IAA and New Zealand Internet Exchange (NZIX) hit new records across their exchanges. With half of Australia in lockdown, we hit a new record of 790Gbps over the weekend ending Sunday, August 22, 2021, breaking our previous record of 750Gbps. In comparison, as lockdown commenced across the ditch, so […]

Primus DC, located at 55 King Street, Melbourne, is closing, and we have been advised that we need to vacate the premises by 30 September 2021. Unfortunately, this means members with ports within the data centre will be affected as we will no longer be offering services from this facility after that date. Rest assured […]

August’s Advocacy Corner Update Submissions that may be of interest to members include: ACCC| Wholesale ADSL Service Declaration | 10 Sept The ACCC is proposing to continuing to declare Wholesale ADSL until 2024. Their view is that postponing this date will promote competition by aligning the expiry to the declaration of other Telstra fixed line […]

August’s Advocacy Corner Update The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2020 passed the Senate last week. This legislation enables the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to modify, copy or delete data through a data disruption warrant, collect intelligence through a network activity warrant, and take over online […]