2019 Annual General Meeting Board Nominees

Nominations to the Internet Association of Australia Inc Board are now open. The following nominations have been received.

If you have any queries please contact nominations@internet.asn.au

Nominations close at 5pm Wednesday August, 28 AWST.

Corporate Representatives

Matthew Enger, X Integration Pty Ltd
Nomination Statement: The Internet Association of Australia provides valuable services to small/medium business as well as the wider internet community through its peering services as well as its growing work in representing the interests of its stakeholders on internet matters and a growing voice in the internet community.

I joined the board a month ago filling a casual vacancy and I would like to continue that role if the membership agrees. I bring a wide range of skills from small business (i am currently running a small ISP called LeapTel as well as a wholesale ISP X Integration) so i am able to bring experience as well as a voice representing what small providers need and want from the association. I also have long standing community service and not for profit experience through my current role in Scouts Victoria which helps me with working in teams and achieving goals on small budgets.

Seconded by: Matthew Moyle-Croft
I support Matthew Enger’s nomination for the IAA board – his engagement as a replacement board member has been excellent and his efforts have helped the IAA deliver more for members and I believe he makes an excellent person to remain on the board.

Daryl Collins, Akamai Technologies
Nomination Statement: I have been on the IAA Board for the past two years. I am renominating so I can continue my contributions to the association’s work in the Australian Internet Industry.

I am part of the global Network Architecture team at Akamai Technologies based out of Adelaide. My key interests are in Internet interconnection and routing. I have worked in the Internet industry for over 20 years. Prior to Akamai, I spent 15 years at Internode, leading the network teams and later focusing on Network Architecture at Internode and subsequently iiNet.

I believe my working knowledge from both the Australian ISP and Global Content industry perspective combined with my experience in Internode’s management team enables me to make a valuable contribution to IAA.

Seconded by: John Alexander
Daryl is an enthusiastic member of the internet community both in Australia and overseas for over 20 years. He has a great insight into the workings of the internet and would be a great contributor and representative of IAA members and would continue to be a valued member of the committee for IAA.

Jay Binks, Over The Wire
Nomination Statement: My professional experience in the IT and Internet industry began almost 20 years ago, when I commenced work with Spacial Audio Solutions, on an online platform for SHOUTcast broadcasters known as Audiorealm.com and their desktop broadcast software SAM. Over the years, Like many entrepreneurs, I’ve been involved in many aspects of internet business, from building companies, including sales and supporting customers, writing code, developing network protocols, building E-Commerce and payment platforms. Most recently building a large scale VOIP network that grew into a significant asset for an ASX Listed carrier.

I desire to join the board of IAA for several reasons, the most pertinent being that I see it as a great way to widening my knowledge while giving back to an industry that I’ve loved being involved in for a significant portion of my work life.

Seconded by: Patrick Ohearn
As a professional and corporate member of IAA, I believe Jay would make a great addition to the IAA board, and brings his 20 years of experience in the industry to the table.I have known Jay Binks for over 7 years personally and professionally, during this time he has held various engineering as well as senior management and executive positions at Over the Wire. Jay is of good character, and is well known in the Brisbane telco industry. I believe if Jay is successfully in this process, he would serve the IAA professionally, advocating for all members, and the wider industry.

Brett Ohara, Vocus
Nomination Statement: I have been involved in the Australian internet industry for over 25 years across a range of telecommunications companies large and small. I’ve managed peering arrangements across a range of providers including international, domestic and content.

I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of carrier neutral internet exchanges across my entire career and believe I can add value to the association by bringing this experience to help focus on our member’s goals, assist us in collaborating across organisations and further develop and support members with relationships and regulation in the industry.

Seconded by: Tom Berryman
Brett’s industry experience is complimented by his recent experience in navigating the complex dynamic political environment of his member organisation. IAA would benefit from Brett’s no-nonsense sensibilities, and his energetic approach to problem solving. I feel the IAA membership will greatly benefit from representation of large, eye-ball focused operators input during a time of increased regulation and a challenging post nbn world.

David Hooton, IP Transit
Nomination Statement: I have been on the board of IAA for the last two years, serving as Chairman for the last 12 months. Over the last year the current board and I have focussed on putting people and systems in place that will enable the association to keep growing the services it offers our members reliably.

This year is the first year that the association has had a formal budget, we have developed a strategy that delivers greater value for members including doubling our team size and focusing on hosting or sponsoring events like AusNOG and APRICOT. We are also launching a series of events which will make it easier for members to provide feedback and work more closely with government policy teams on matters that directly affect their business.

I and the rest of the current board would like the chance to continue the work we have been doing. Continued stability in our boards composition is important to ensure momentum in the day to day operation of the association, we thank you for your membership and continued support as we ask for your vote.

Seconded by: McDonald Richards
David Hooton has served on the IAA board for the past two years and in the past year as the chairman. In that time he has overseen systemic improvements that strengthen the long term sustainability of IAA and the services it offers to members. I welcome his continued leadership and contributions.

Chris Kawchuk, Virtutel Pty Ltd
Nomination Statement: A little background myself for those who i’ve not had the pleasure to meet before. I have been heavily involved in the Internet Industry both here and in Canada for the past 25 years. I have worked for some of the largest Telcos in the industry including AT&T Canada; as well as various Canadian CLECs such as Distributel, Stream Networks, and CCI Wireless Canada.

Locally, I’ve worked with many Australian Telcos and ISPs, including Primus/M2 for 5 Years as a contractor in the Network Engineering team. I’ve also had various vendor roles, including working for both Brocade and Juniper Networks as a service-provider focused SE; a Networking Instructor, as well as Resident Engineer roles at Telstra for various key infrastructure projects. Most recently, I joined Virtutel as GM of Network Engineering in November 2017.

I have been involved in various member-based industry organisations previously, which I believe will be an asset to the IAA. I was a member of the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX) architecture Board 2008-2009, and acted as a consultant to both the Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP) and the .CA Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA); covering various subject matters from Technical to Regulation to Public Policy.

If elected I would like to use my experience in helping the association grow the IX into a strong business; and assist in positioning the association to grow beyond the IX by developing other areas of interest including Educational and Networking Events to the benefit of it’s members.

Seconded by: Kieran Wallace
Chris has been involved in the internet community for many years and has the experience and drive to push the association forward. His exposure to many different facets of the industry within Australia and abroad make him an excellent fit. I wholeheartedly support his nomination.

Nathan Brookfield, Simtronic Technologies Pty Ltd
Nomination Statement: I first joined the executive committee of WAIA in 2015 and am currently the longest sitting board member as well as holding a seat on the board of NZ IX on behalf of IAA and acting as the appointed Secretary of both bodies for the past 2 years.

Over the last four years I have been involved in extensive change within the association from the WAIA name change to IAA, expanding our staff and internal resources, forming the NZ IX Society, lowering our IX Australia port pricing and more recently sponsoring events such as AUSNOG and APRICOT, introducing 100G port pricing and working to grow our Member Services on-top of the peering product as well as internal governance changes and much more.

I would like the chance to continue the work of the current board and provide some continuity with a large amount of board rotations possible this year, together with the associations staff there are a significant amount of ongoing projects underway to benefit members and the community that I would like to see through to fruition.

Seconded by: Jared Hirst
I completely support Nathan for this, I have followed his commitment to IAA for over 4 years and have seen his commitment and passion to the organisation.

I welcome his contributions to IAA and believe that his time and input has been valuable to not only the community but also the IAA board and it’s members.
I hope Nathan can continue to support this community moving forward.

Professional Representatives

Craig Askings
Nomination Statement: As someone who has been part of the internet industry in Australia for the last twenty years, I believe I can bring a perspective to the board that covers both professional and corporate members.

Running an internet exchange while at PIPE Networks, as well as acting as the client of internet exchanges across several jobs and clients since then, gives me an understanding of both sides of an important service the Internet Association of Australia supplies to its members.

Since becoming a consultant, I have helped ISPs, Server Hosts and other Internet dependent companies understand the value of the IAA and encouraging them to becoming members; bringing them value through peering and increasing the value of IX-AU to the existing peers.

If I am elected to the board, I believe I can ensure professional members get represented when the Internet Association of Australia is promoting the internet industry as a whole.

Seconded by: Paul Mula
Craig was instrumental in us finding out about the IAA and becoming a member of this Association. The Peering service has been important to scaling our network capacity.

Matt McDonough
Nomination Statement: I have worked in the industry for 18 years in engineering companies, ISPs and infrastructure providers. I am a passionate advocate for Carrier Neutral peering and a have supported IAA for a many years as a customer and supplier.

I have a desire to ensure that IAA continues to serve the interest community and to provide a stable committee to allow IAA to best serve its members.

Seconded by: Tom Berryman
Matt has been a pillar of the telecommunications industry for over a decade. His experience as an applicant to join the IAA board is absolutely unrivalled and as a member, I would be lucky to have him represent our interests.

I believe Matt will not only provide exceptional knowledge as a director but will inspire future leadership growth in other members.