This year has been another strong year for WAIA with a number of significant areas of growth.

One of the most significant improvements for WAIA is the appointment of an Executive Officer. We are very pleased to welcome Kellie Ireland as our new Executive Officer. Kellie will be able to assist with many of the initiatives that were otherwise resourced by volunteers. We’re optimistic that we’ll see a lot of the ideas that the Committee generate come to fruition with Kellie’s help.

As an Association we have effectively “gone national”. The peering points in Victoria and Queensland are now both fully operational and building momentum. We’re looking forward to further growth from these peering locations and I would like to welcome our new members that have joined WAIA to participate in peering at these locations.

Within WA we have made substantial progress on our additional location at QV1. This will provide additional space and capacity for WAIA and for members. We should have that available very soon.

On the “media” front we saw the launch of a new website this year and rebranding of the newsletter. We are now using membership management software (CiviCRM) which will provide members with online access to their membership details once fully operational. There are also plans to permit login to the website for online administration of member services.

Unfortunately, this year announced that it was unable to continue without assistance. WAIA saw this as ideal opportunity to provide help and was able to transition the services across to WAIA. Under the WAIA Constitution we need to be providing services to members so we are now in the process of signing up members that want to continue using the service. And, for those members that have already joined WAIA, welcome.

On the social front we saw another very high-standard of events including the memorable Xmas party. I’d like to acknowledge the efforts of the organisers in making the events happen.

On behalf of the Committee, I’d like to thank Joe and Kellie for their efforts throughout the year.

I’d also like to give thanks to all of the Committee for their contribution throughout the year. The Association relies heavily on the efforts of the Committee and being on the Committee is a voluntary role that can often be demanding.

It was great to see some of our members at the WAIA AGM on Tuesday 11 September.

For those unable to attend, Richard Bone delivered his presidents report, which you can read here .

Following the election of new executive members WAIA is pleased to introduce you to the new Executive.



The WAIA Executive and their portfolios are:

  • Richard Keeves, President
  • Petar Nikolich, Secretary
  • Paul Arch, Treasurer
  • Gavin Tweedie
  • Pawel Mrugalski, Media Officer
  • Brad Peczka, Events Co-ordinator
  • Chris Markovic, Promo Officer
  • Rhett Hislop, Website

The Executive will be working hard to being you a new range of member benefits, interesting events and to help WAIA grow as a representative of the internet industry in Western Australia.

For a copy of the AGM Minutes or the Financial Statements please email Executive Officer Kellie Ireland

WAIA is pleased to announce the availability of a Stratum 1 NTP server for members.

Reachable over IPv4 and IPv6 the time server will also soon be part of the pool.

Should you have any questions you can contact Joe Wooler, WAIA Technical Manager via email at joe @

The WA Internet Association (WAIA) is proud to announce another new deployment of a carrier-neutral peering trial which will be taking place at NEXTDC’s B1 facility in Brisbane, Queensland (QLD-IX). This peering point builds on the highly successful WA Internet Exchange (WAIX) and current trial occurring in Victoria (VIC-IX).

“NEXTDC is delighted that WAIX has selected NEXTDC to commence their Queensland IX trial. NEXTDC is focused on establishing a national data centre footprint and bring with it a cloud enabling ecosystem. Organisations such as WAIA are key to achieving that goal.” Said Mr Bevan Slattery, CEO of NEXTDC.

WAIA would like to invite all existing members and encourage any new members to take opportunity to trial a carrier neutral peering service supplied by WAIA within Brisbane. The VIC-IX has seen steady growth with strong member interest leading to the success of the current Melbourne trial. The WAIA Executive team looks forward to engaging with all new connections in Brisbane.

Further updates will be provided and for all QLD-IX enquiries, please forward your interest to Joe Wooller (WAIA Technical Manager) on 0412 005 457

The 2010/2011 Annual General Meeting of the WA Internet Association was held on September 6, 2011.

It was an enjoyable meeting with a chance for members to catch-up, hear progress on WAIA projects, review audited financial information and vote on a new committee.

Following this meeting, the following people make up the committee for the next year.




  • Richard Bone (Elk Software Group)

Corporate Members

  • Ciphtertel (Representative: Pawel Mrugalski)
  • WAnet (Representative: Petar Nikolich)
  • R-NAS (Representative: Chris Markovic)
  • Ivec (Representative: Daniel Grimwood)

Individual Members

  • Gavin Tweedie
  • Brad Peczka
  • Matt Didcoe

Affiliate Members

  • WA Network Gaming Inc. (Representative: Will Dowling)