The Internet Association of Australia (IAA) welcomes the long awaited release of the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor’s report into the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Act 2018. IAA appreciates the considerable effort the INSLM has put into the review, including the time spent with IAA members discussing their concerns.

“Internet service providers need confidence that the orders they receive from law enforcement are properly scrutinised and appropriate,” said Ms Clark, CEO. “If ISPs are being required to undermine the reliability and security of internet services, they must be confident it is for a correspondingly well-founded, serious and life-threatening reason. The INSLM recommendations, if implemented, will go some way towards providing this guarantee.”

The additional scrutiny being proposed by the INSLM, in the form of an Investigatory Powers Commissioner, should be established urgently and provided with the appropriate resources, such as an independent advisory body for technical matters. IAA is willing to assist with such a body, to ensure that the internet industry is properly represented. “Our members have very real challenges in implementing TANs and TCNs, and these need to be taken into account. It has all too often been the case that the realities of implementation and resource requirements are not understood”, Ms Clark said today.

The members of IAA are vital in the provision of a trusted internet and trusted telecommunications, as well as of content and communications services broadly. The Australian community has shown its willingness to rely – and indeed depend on –these providers throughout the pandemic. This trust deserves to be rewarded with corresponding reliability. The creation of systems that undermine that trust – through under-scrutinised access mechanisms, such as TANs and TCNs – will only harm the economy and Australia’s social fabric at a vulnerable time. It is therefore vital that the INSLM’s recommendations be adopted.

Additional matters which are not fully addressed within the report pertain to the compliance burden that IAA members have pointed to previously. The industry bears a considerable compliance burden already, and this type of legislation, of which we have seen considerable amounts over recent years, only adds to it. The level of support required to implement TANs and TCNs is difficult to forecast, and therefore difficult to plan for and cost. Just analysing the requirements of the legislation alone is a challenge for the typical small internet provider.

Further, IAA would like to see greater protections for internet service providers and their staff when acting to protect the communications of Australians or when complying with legislation such as TOLA. IAA is not satisfied that there are sufficient protections for ISP employees acting in good faith in the performance of their duties, and further clarity on the potential for hefty fines or incarceration is urgently required.

IAA have completed the first round of inter-capital link upgrades, upgrading the SYD-BNE links from 10G to 40G (4 x 10G services) on two separate routes. This is part of an overall program of capacity expansion recently approved by the Board.

The purpose of this work is to increase capacity nationwide and ensure physical path diversity between all points, making a more resilient inter-capital network for members. The upgrades are necessary to meet increased and forecasted demand and will enable members to scale up their networks.

Over the coming months we will be increasing capacity along diverse paths between Sydney to Melbourne, Melbourne to Adelaide, Sydney to Adelaide and Adelaide to Perth. Coupled with the existing link between Sydney and Perth these upgrades will ensure we have enough headroom to meet the forecast member demand, fill the caches that we host, and reroute traffic with minimal congestion in the event of failure between the capital cities.

IAA’s first online event, Life Under Lockdown: how my network survived the pandemic, was held on Tuesday, 23 June.

In a lively discussion facilitated by our new CEO, we heard Aussie Broadband MD Phil Britt, Vocus IP Engineer Brett O’Hara, and Field Solutions Group CTO David Hooton talk about the network and operational changes they made and security issues they encountered after lockdown sent the whole country home.

With a number of great lessons on lightning fast network rearrangements, flexible staff redeployment, and more, talk also went to the question of post-COVID NBN CVC charging – we are keen to hear what you think on this topic. Please send your thoughts to

This was the first event in our Life Under Lockdown webinar series and we are looking forward to bringing you the next event in July, Life Under Lockdown: how to stop heists, hijacks, and hostages.

What a tremendous welcome I’ve had to the Association, with many members and colleagues across the industry reaching out with their good wishes. Thank you to everyone who has made this first month so enjoyable – and productive.

We have had our first online event and successfully supported NZIX in their AGM. We have also managed to plan out a series of upgrades which we look forward to telling you more about over the coming months as the new switches and extra bandwidth across Australia come online. Those people after extra extended reach capacity should put in their orders!

I hope to meet as many of you as possible as soon as is possible – in person when we are COVID-safe, but via videoconference if you want to catch up sooner. What role do you see the Association playing into the future? How would you like to see our products improve? Send an email to

Warm Regards
Narelle Clark

The Committee of the New Zealand Internet Exchange Inc will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 17 June, from 5pm (NZST).

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions this year’s event will be conducted online, via Zoom (Video Conference).

Being on the New Zealand Internet Exchange Committee is a great way to get involved and give back to both the Society and to the internet community. The NZIX Committee has called for nominees to fill three positions of four-year terms on the committee. More information about the nomination process and eligibility is available on the NZIX website.

Registration is open and members can register via the NZIX Members Portal. Additional guests can register by being added as a contact within your member account. Non-members can register by emailing admin@nz.ix

We look forward to seeing you at the 2020 NZIX Annual General Meeting.

Many of you will have received notification already or may have seen recent articles in the media announcing the news that the Association has appointed Narelle Clark as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Narelle had been contracting as General Manager for the Association since October 2019 and was successful in securing the CEO role after an extensive search was undertaken.

“Internet exchanges are proven to be a vital part of a reliable, affordable internet, so I am absolutely thrilled to take on this position,” said Ms Clark.

“IAA’s infrastructure is second to none, with the widest number of points of presence, the most extensive content arrangements and a member base that spans all parts of Australia’s Internet. Without the collaboration between builders, content and service providers Australians would not have enjoyed the level of Internet performance during lockdown we have seen.”

The newly established position will be responsible for driving both the technical and membership services sides of the Association, continuing to execute the 2020 strategic plan and build on our reputation for peering excellence.

“The high regard with which Narelle is held across the industry means our internet exchange operations will continue to grow and deliver across Australia and New Zealand, while we increase our work in member services and the Internet policy arena,” explains IAA Chair, David Hooton.

Narelle’s background is as a data comms engineer with a strong focus on policy. She comes to the Association with a career across the internet and telecommunications industry in Australia and internationally, having undertaken senior roles in a range of service providers, not-for profit organisations and policy and standards working groups. She has held prominent industry roles with CSIRO, Optus, the Public Interest Registry (operator of .Org), and ACCAN, and consulted to Telecom New Zealand, government departments and telecommunications and content providers.

Please join us in welcoming Narelle on board. Why not join her and the team at our online event?

IAA is kicking off its online event series with a look at how the internet has been performing during the global pandemic.

Join us for the panel session “Life Under Lockdown: how my network survived the pandemic” where we will discuss how providers have handled the impact of COVID-19.

Date: 23 June
Time: 1700 AEST (1500 AWST)
Location: Zoom (Video Conference)

The news continues to report we are in “unprecedented times” but for the vast majority of people the internet has performed really well through lockdown. Members, however, will know firsthand that a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to deliver the stability the community has enjoyed when socialising and working from home.

During the panel session we will hear from key industry representatives, Field Solutions Group Chief Technology Officer, David Hooton, Vocus Senior IP Engineer, Brett O’Hara and Aussie Broadband Managing Director, Phillip Britt. Hear their perspectives on the wins, near misses, and issues affecting the Internet through this crisis.

The event will also include some time to catch up with your peers and share a virtual drink.

Details on how to register will be available soon. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for more information.

The Internet Association of Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Narelle Clark as its Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

After an exhaustive search, the Board determined that Narelle’s combination of deep Internet expertise, all-round industry knowledge and drive will enable the Association to move to the next level. The high regard with which Narelle is held across the industry means our Internet Exchange operations will continue to grow and deliver across Australia and New Zealand, in tandem with an increase in our work in member services and the Internet policy arena.

We are pleased that Narelle has taken on this challenging position and are confident she will embrace our plans to expand member services with enthusiasm. We have been seeking to increase our policy engagement and introduce a range of member education offers and Narelle’s experience will guide us well into the future.

“I would like to convey to members how keen I am to take on this position” said Ms Clark. “IAA’s infrastructure is second to none, with the widest number of points of presence, the most extensive content arrangements, and a member base that spans all parts of Australia’s Internet. Without the collaboration between builders, content and service providers Australians would not have enjoyed the level of Internet performance during lockdown we have seen.”

The Association recently observed some 100Gbps of additional Internet traffic across its exchanges, noting near perfect uptime across the peering fabric.

Narelle comes to the Association with a stellar career across the internet and telecommunications industry both within Australia and internationally, having held senior roles in a range of service providers, not-for profit organisations and policy and standards working groups. She has held prominent industry roles with CSIRO, Optus, the Public Interest Registry (operator of .Org), and ACCAN, and consulted to Telecom New Zealand, government departments and telecommunications and content providers. Narelle is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and has a Bachelors degree in Applied Physics, a Masters in Engineering (Telecommunications) and a postgraduate diploma in Management.

Please join us in welcoming Narelle on board, we are excited to see continued growth and success of the Association under her leadership.

Last year IAA launched a new status page for members, detailing work and outages within the network.

Over the coming weeks we will be migrating all registrations from our old platform across to our new status page. If you have not already registered to receive notifications, we encourage you to register now to be kept up to date.

Registration is free to all members and you can tailor your updates for particular outages, such as outages by state or for all incidents.

The status page has been linked to the @IXAustralia twitter account to post updates (prefix [IX Status]) from the platform.

Register here to receive network notifications.

IAA has rolled out a new looking glass, offering more transparent routing information to its members.

Alice-LG is global looking glass, covering all exchange points for IX Australia across all route servers. It is a concise application which houses all information in one location, saving members time actively having to search our multiple exchanges.

Alice-LG has several key features including the ability to see who is peering with which route server and which routes are advertised and by whom. All data is available using the REST API.

Why not check out Alice-LG for yourself.