Last month we kicked off a program of work to update our governance and to consult with members over whether we should move to registration under federal law. We held a consultation event where members were taken through the differences between WA Associations Law and Federal Corporations Law. We released a discussion paper and have some good feedback from members and have now established a working party to generate a draft constitution for discussion.

Please keep an eye on our web page on Updating our Governance as we will post updates there, as well as email voting contacts for input along the way.

IAA is excited to be partnering with Women in Technology WA (WiTWA) and NextDC for an in-person event in Perth.

The event, which is taking place at NextDC’s P2 site on Thursday May 20 will be looking into the Internet of Things, what it is, what it can do and what it means for us and for businesses into the future.

Date: Thursday 20 May
Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm (AWST)
Location: NextDC P2, Perth

There will be a panel discussion featuring speakers from various areas of business and academia. Prior to the panel there will be the opportunity to take a tour of NextDC’s state of the art P2 site.

Registration will open shortly and the link to register will be shared with members and on our socials. Places are limited and these events sell out quickly so if you would like to attend get in quick!

This month we welcome Megan Smith to assist us in reviewing our technical documentation. Megan is a fibre engineer with broad experience from her time with NBN Co and Optus and will be an invaluable help in getting our processes and services properly documented. Welcome Megan!

Following a request for greater capacity at our B2 site, IAA Engineer Aaron Chidiac headed up to Queensland this week to upgrade the Brisbane site to support 100Gbps ports.

The upgrade was scheduled for last year however COVID delayed our plans to complete the job.

Back at the start of this year you may remember IAA dropped set up fees for 100Gbps ports at all of our IXes, so if you are looking to increase your capacity through QLD-IX you now have options at both Next DC B1 and B2 sites.

To improve BGP performance and reliability with the Internet Routing Registry (IRR), IAA has now created an AS-SET for each of our Internet Exchanges. This will allow networks who support IRR filtering to generate route filters for the Route Server sessions. The following AS-SETs have been created and will be automatically updated daily at 10am AEST:


If you have any questions or for more information email

This week we met with Infrastructure Australia to hear about the national plan for major infrastructure projects. Amazed to hear of the transformation in cost and performance that peering and Internet Exchanges make, they have asked us for our thoughts on the upcoming plan to be submitted to government and we are feverishly working towards a response. Hopefully this will assist us in getting more content and services out into the regions.

If you have any comments about the above topics, or would like to know more about specific issues, please email us at

In last month’s newsletter we announced the appointment of our new Policy Officer, Nitika Midha. Nitika has already been hard at work exploring key industry issues and policies that members might find of interest or of concern.

Model Defamation Amendment Provisions 
While many people think they can say what they like online, in truth, this is not the case, and a great deal of outrage is (often rightly) expressed when horrible things are said online. The question is, however, how much liability should there be for internet service and hosting providers? The Attorney General’s Department is updating our defamation law and refining the responsibilities of internet intermediaries in the sharing and distribution of content. Their new discussion paper asks for submissions to clarify whether grouping internet intermediaries into basic internet providers, digital platforms and forum hosts is useful for determining who should attract liability and what the threshold should be when operators are forced to remove content considered defamatory. Submissions close 19 May and NSW, South Australia and Victoria are set to enforce new provisions from 1 July.

Online Safety Bill 
Australian rules around take down and content online are stricter than in many places around the world and this is set to become even tighter. A bill currently before the Senate introduces stronger online protections for Australians and gives the eSafety Commissioner power to order harmful content to be removed, especially when platforms fail to act on legitimate cyber-abuse complaints. Additionally, the eSafety Commissioner is also given stronger information gathering powers to identify those behind fake accounts as well as a rapid website blocking power for crisis situations. If the Bill passes the Senate, service providers may need to respond to urgent removal notices within 24 hours (instead of 48). Search engine and app stores could even be compelled to remove access to services that do not comply with removal notices while ISPs may need to block access to websites altogether if a blocking notice is issued.

This month we have the usual round of upgrades and expansion projects and have kicked off the review of our governance. It’s been great to see thoughts coming in from members on what is important for how we operate and what matters to you in our governance. Thank you to those who have made their thoughts known, so please keep them coming as we work our way through the review. Please keep an eye on our web page on Updating our Governance.

Speaking of thoughts, it’s amazing also to see the list of issues coming in on regulation topics! From defamation to take-downs there are a bunch of likely regulation changes coming through and we are keen to put your point of view forward. Please don’t hesitate to let us know whether you like the regulation changes, or worry for the impact on your business.

The Perth team went on a tour of that flash new NextDC site, P2, so now we’re keen to hear whether members think we should be in there. It looks so nice and shiny; it will be hard to stay away!

Our friends at the New Zealand Internet Exchange are busy working on some exciting new projects that are going to be launched this year.

Following requests for a POP in Datavault (Auckland), the NZIX team is currently working on bringing the 162 Grafton Road site into production. COVID restrictions have slowed down the timing of the project, delaying the fibre paths towards Datavault however, orders are now back on track and engineers are standing by for an install. All being well, the new datacentre could be operational as soon as April.

Plans are also underway in Auckland to increase the bandwidth and diversity of NZIX’s inter datacentre links. The new AKL-IX ring will see a 200Gbps diverse link between each datacentre, ensuring healthy available capacity and reducing unpredictable spikes.

Last month NZIX surveyed its members on locations for a new IX in Wellington. Still in the early planning stages, the plan is to launch WLG-IX mid-2021. More details will be available over the coming months.

For more information on these projects email

Freshly activated at the time of writing is a brand spanking new L-Root connected into NSW-IX, with routes appearing right across IX Australia, thanks to a new partnership with ICANN. With another root instance appearing on the network your DNS lookups should be lightning fast. This means we have the I-Root on WA-IX and the L-Root in the east. Coupled with member Cloudflare’s distribution of the E, F and J-Roots, and other DNS registry operator members, your DNS performance should be second to none.