So, you own this shiny new “peering” thing. It’s all the rage and you are awesome, but your cat videos are still being routed over those expensive transit links?! What gives! Quite simply, IAA operates Australia’s largest multilateral peering exchanges. However, due to routing policies of some larger network operators further setup may be required […]

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications has released the third part of its Consumer Safeguards review. The latest consultation looks to position Australia’s consumer safeguards for a post-2020 environment. Part C reviews how best to provide choice and fairness in the consumer-provider relationship, including the role of industry self-regulation, legacy consumer protections […]

The connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) construct adopted by NBN Co has been now been addressed by some of Australia’s largest telcos, including Telstra, Vocus, and Vodafone. Each has confirmed their call for NBN Co to address the pricing construct which has been referred to as a “download tax” which sees the charges being passed onto […]