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Better Internet for Regional and Remote Australia

Join us on Tuesday 20th April as we take a look at digital connectivity in regional Australia. Digital Networks in Regional Australia – Field of Dreams or Highway to Hell will focus on the issues surrounding regional communities and their access to the internet. Regional Australia is a vast area with great distances between population […]

Welcome Emily and Nitika

IAA would like to introduce Emily Gallarde, who has joined the Perth team on a three-month contract as our Digital Marketing Assistant.  This role will involve auditing and creating content for the new combined IAA/IXA website. Emily is a recent graduate from the University of Western Australia, with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Communications and Media Studies, […]


Supporting women and the next generation

IAA is pleased to announce a brand-new partnership supporting women and the next generation in the tech industry. Women in Technology WA (WiTWA) is a Perth based not-for-profit organisation providing opportunities to women to extend their networks and expand their knowledge. They also run high school programs to promote the industry as a whole. With […]


Updating Our Governance

IAA is currently an association incorporated under Western Australian law – the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA) – reflecting our origin as the Western Australia Internet Association, and this was a suitable way to become a legal entity. When the association changed its name to the Internet Association of Australia we remained incorporated under the […]

From the CEO’s Desk

Well, that was quite a month, wasn’t it? The floods certainly had us worried about our east coast connectivity, and luckily we lost only one of the fibre runs. That run was successfully restored once the fibre crews could reach it safely and we experienced no related down time though I admit my knuckles were […]


Peering for Nerds

So, you own this shiny new “peering” thing. It’s all the rage and you are awesome, but your cat videos are still being routed over those expensive transit links?! What gives! Quite simply, IAA operates Australia’s largest multilateral peering exchanges. However, due to routing policies of some larger network operators further setup may be required […]

ACCC gives IAA members an MBA

Are you interested in finding out how your network’s broadband performance stacks up against others in the industry? Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) members are now eligible to join the ACCC’s broadband monitoring program. Some members had complained to IAA that only larger ISPs (and we know who they are) were able to participate in […]

Goodbye and Thank You SR2

A year later than scheduled (thank you COVID!), on Friday 19th February the power and aircon was turned off at Perth’s QV1 SR2 room for the first and final time. A big part of our history is now retired. After quite a few on again / off again moments, our Tech Team Leader, Nick Pratley, […]

Model IXP in the Lab

IAA engineers have been busy this month installing six new devices for physical lab testing and to assess different automation stacks for our upcoming portal redesign work. Whilst currently using a single switch vendor within our peering networks, challenges with automation mean we need to look at a range of vendors including those that support […]

Grow your services with Amazon

Members with services and customers using Amazon should take advantage of some recent expansion and redundancy going in across IX Australia. In particular, Perth’s Amazon connections were recently expanded, so those members on WA-IX should contact Amazon to jump on board. Those members on VIC-IX should similarly bring up new sessions as there is bandwidth […]