Entries by Kitty Hibble

AS-SETS for each exchange

To improve BGP performance and reliability with the Internet Routing Registry (IRR), IAA has now created an AS-SET for each of our Internet Exchanges. This will allow networks who support IRR filtering to generate route filters for the Route Server sessions. The following AS-SETs have been created and will be automatically updated daily at 10am AEST: […]

IAA team check out newest NextDC

The IAA team from Perth spent a lovely morning inspecting the newest NextDC site in Perth this month. Just a short walk from our CBD office, the flash looking, Tier 4 certified datacentre is a significant building on the Perth skyline. The tour looked at the main areas of the datacentre including the racks and […]

Infrastructure Australia Plan

This week we met with Infrastructure Australia to hear about the national plan for major infrastructure projects. Amazed to hear of the transformation in cost and performance that peering and Internet Exchanges make, they have asked us for our thoughts on the upcoming plan to be submitted to government and we are feverishly working towards […]

Advocacy Corner

In last month’s newsletter we announced the appointment of our new Policy Officer, Nitika Midha. Nitika has already been hard at work exploring key industry issues and policies that members might find of interest or of concern. Model Defamation Amendment Provisions  While many people think they can say what they like online, in truth, this […]

From the CEO’s Desk

This month we have the usual round of upgrades and expansion projects and have kicked off the review of our governance. It’s been great to see thoughts coming in from members on what is important for how we operate and what matters to you in our governance. Thank you to those who have made their […]

News from across the Ditch

Our friends at the New Zealand Internet Exchange are busy working on some exciting new projects that are going to be launched this year. Following requests for a POP in Datavault (Auckland), the NZIX team is currently working on bringing the 162 Grafton Road site into production. COVID restrictions have slowed down the timing of […]

L-Root now active across IX Australia

Freshly activated at the time of writing is a brand spanking new L-Root connected into NSW-IX, with routes appearing right across IX Australia, thanks to a new partnership with ICANN. With another root instance appearing on the network your DNS lookups should be lightning fast. This means we have the I-Root on WA-IX and the […]

Amazon increases capacity at VIC-IX

Following on from Amazon’s recent expansion across the IXes, they have now upgraded the existing 40Gbps to 100Gbps at VIC-IX. Members with services and customers using Amazon should take advantage of the additional redundancy across the exchange. The same capacity upgrade was completed in WA-IX last month. For more information reach out to Amazon on […]

Expansion of 10Gbps ports in Colocity

IAA Engineers have performed an upgrade of the switch at Adelaide’s Colocity DC. The upgrade was targeted to overcome the limitation of the previous hardware and cater for more 10Gbps ports at that exchange. IAA is offering ports at SA-IX at no extra cost and are encouraging members to get connected. For more information email […]