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Don’t be the smelly kid! Tips for good BGP hygiene

We all know about Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). We also know that it’s permissive by nature and that serious problems can happen when routes are leaked or, worse still, hijacked. In previous years, even prominent organisations such as Google, Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Microsoft have been victims of hijacking, which is a good reminder that […]

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Recent Submission

IAA submitted to Home Affair’s Strengthening Australia’s cyber security regulations and incentives paper. In our submission, we highlighted the complexity of existing cybersecurity legislation, especially for smaller ISPs to navigate. We commented on suggested mechanisms which could promote the uptake of cybersecurity, including minimum standards for personal information and health checks for small businesses. We […]


IAASysters@AusNOG Program

This year we launched our IAASysters@AusNOG program. The program is based on the international systers.org and systers@IETF programs and offers ten sponsored attendees the opportunity to participate in both the AusNOG conference and our IAASysters@AusNOG workshop.   We are passionate about cultivating a more inclusive Internet industry and have created the IAASysters@AusNOG program to support and enable women to access the valuable technical content and business networking […]


Associations Forum WA Association Meeting

Associations strive to remain relevant, expand their reach and increase profitability. Those that survive and thrive have embraced principles of good governance. Join the Associations Forum at the WA Association Meeting and hear from Kitty Hibble, Executive Officer at Internet Association Australia (IAA), who will discuss the association’s governance transformation.  Registrations are free and exclusive to Associations Forum members and not-for-profit organisations and will […]



We are excited to announce that we have put forward a submission to host a roundtable discussion exploring what classifying the Internet as an essential service would entail and its wider implications for digital inclusion, minimum service level requirements and digital infrastructure investment for the upcoming NetThing Forum.    NetThing is Australia’s Internet Governance Forum, an annual two-day event […]


Calling all experts

Want to join a dynamic focus group and give back to your association? We’re looking for a group of five members who would like to join a focus group to provide feedback on our marketing efforts.   As part of the focus group, you will be asked periodically for your feedback on prospective marketing ideas, campaigns, […]


SHE-E-O Event recap

The SHE-E-O event was many things, but most of all, it was inspiring, insightful and empowering. The three incredible women who shared their stories touched on so many areas of relevance to women in the workplace today.   All from humble beginnings in their careers, the common themes in their stories were having immense grunt and grit, self-belief and being […]


CLG transition update

The transition to a company limited by guarantee continues as we patiently wait to hear back from ASIC to register under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) with deregistration from the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA) complete.    With lockdowns and now even the earthquake, paperwork processing at ASIC has been delayed. Members should rest assured that we will call the AGM as soon as we hear from ASIC!   We […]


Look out blogosphere, here we come!

After much internal anticipation, research and writing, we are happy to launch our very own blog next month! With a prospective launch date of Friday, October 15, 2021, be sure to keep an eye out on our socials for the announcement of our very first blog post.    As an organisation that operates for the benefit […]


Out-of-band network

We are pleased to announce the purchase of 35 Nodegrid Gate Services Routers and two Net Service Routers that will improve our network management and infrastructure. These new pieces of hardware will be used for both in-band and out-of-band services, with one device located in each point-of-presence (PoP) on our network.   These routers provide peace of mind in the unlikely event that equipment breaks down by ensuring engineers can gain access to broken devices. The new ZPE Systems hardware will also contain both Telstra and Optus SIM cards to ensure […]