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How do we get content to you?

We are excited to announce that the next set of links in the intercap project are pending turn up. 30Gbps SYD-MEL (Total 40Gbps) 20Gbps SYD-ADL 10Gbps ADL-MEL (Total 20Gbps) 10Gbps ADL-PER (Total 20Gbps) If all goes to plan, the new links will be up within the next month before the network embargo.

It is all about content, content, content!!

Due to increased demand IAA has increased cache capacity in two major capital cities.  We have added an additional 60Gbps of Netflix OCA capacity in Melbourne, and an additional 40Gbps in Brisbane. The new Facebook caches in Brisbane and Perth are currently being commissioned by Facebook and will be available in the coming months.


Join us for our Christmas Social

Sadly, whilst our borders are opening up between the states at last, the rules around gatherings over the end of the year are still too strict for us to have much in the way of in person events.  Instead, this year we are inviting you to join IAA staff and Board virtually for a few […]

From the CEO’s Desk

Well, here we are in the last gasps of 2020, and a year we’re glad to see the back of, that’s for sure! Over here at IAA, we’re getting those last few upgrades into place before the team head off for a bit of a break. It’s great to see those intercapital links coming on […]

IAA to engage in talks regarding CVC Boost Phase Out

One item that caught our eye last month was NBN Co’s confusing announcement that the CVC boost will be phased out. This will be coupled with new pricing and a new wholesale agreement. We are still in the process of unpicking what this all means, and it seems NBN Co isn’t quite sure what it […]

Embargo reminder

IAA will be implementing a change freeze on services between 23rd December 2020 and 10th January 2021 inclusive. During this time services will not be added or removed. Support staff will be on call to deal with urgent issues. Please remember all orders and change requests need to be received by December 11th, 2020.

Building an ISP on a Budget

As Melbourne emerges from lockdown, we are continuing our online event series, this time looking at building an ISP on a budget. Life Under Lockdown: Roll your own ISP, how to build a scalable, reliable ISP from low cost components will take you on a journey from start up to successful service provider. IAA Board […]

IAA Welcomes New Members to its Board

We would officially like to welcome two new members to the IAA Board, Richard Thompson from Cloudflare and Nate Garr from StackPath, both elected by corporate members for two-year terms. We are also delighted to welcome back to the board David Hooton, Matthew Moyle-Croft, Matthew Enger and Brett O’Hara. David and Brett were both elected […]

IAA to increase Cache Capacity in Victoria

IAA will be increasing Melbourne’s cache capacity by an additional 100G for Netflix and Google caches in November. Members are reminded that the Facebook cache is an opt in service, but all other cache capacity will be available immediately.

From the CEO’s Desk

After a lengthy build up, it’s a relief to say we held our AGM for FY19-20 on 27 October, and with our first ever published Annual Report. I would like to thank all members who attended and hope you enjoyed the format. I would personally like to thank the staff and Board members who put […]