The Role of the Board

The Internet Association of Australia Ltd (IAA) is proud to be a member driven Association that puts the needs, and interests of its members at the centre of our focus. Founded in 1995, as the Western Australian Internet Association (WAIA), the Association changed its name in early 2016 to Internet Association of Australia Inc and in 2021, IAA transitioned from association incorporated in Western Australia under Associations Incorporation Act  2015 (WA) to a company limited by guarantee under Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), to better reflect our national membership base.

With over 25 years of service to the Internet community, we actively advocate to protect the interests and needs of members and seek partnerships that foster growth and provide security for the future of the Internet industry. In addition to our advocacy work, we also operate IX Australia, the largest, longest running, not-for-profit, carrier-neutral internet exchange in Australia.

Responsibilities of the Board 

Members of the IAA Board are required to commit a minimum of two hours per week to activities for the Association. This includes maintaining regular email contact (Outlook), contributing towards discussions and projects (Slack), and decision making for the Association. 

All Board members are required to attend a monthly Board Meeting, via video conference (Zoom). Current meeting time is scheduled on the third Monday of each month, at 9am AWST. 

Members of the Board are required to use the current communication systems of the Association, with on-boarding assistance, training and support provided as required. 

Time Commitment 

Being on the IAA board can be time consuming. What you get out of it also depends on what you put into it. Board members can expect (as a minimum): 

  • 1-2 hr board meeting at least once per month + pre-reading 
  • 1 hr per week asynchronous catch ups 
  • other committees or events as scheduled throughout the year (this year has had 5 sub-committees and 7 events).

If you become an office bearer or assist in other project or committee work this time can be considerable, however the experience and contacts you will gain are invaluable. 


IAA is company limited by guarantee and is subject to the  Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). IAA operates under the governance of the Association Constitution, that is voted on by members.  

The Role of the Board 

Current office bearing roles within the Board are that of Chair and Deputy Chair. The entire Board are involved in financial matters.  The additional responsibilities of these roles are outlined in Division 10.11 of the Association Constitution.  Members of the Board are volunteers; these positions are unpaid roles, however reasonable expenses, approved by the Board, may be paid. 

The Board 

The IAA Board is currently made up of eight members, consisting of representatives from the Professional Members, and representatives from the Corporate Members. Board members serve for a three-year term and terms are offset to maintain continuity on the Board. Casual vacancies may be filled by invitation from the Board and are automatically up for re-election at the following Annual General Meeting.