Our friends at the New Zealand Internet Exchange are busy working on some exciting new projects that are going to be launched this year.

Following requests for a POP in Datavault (Auckland), the NZIX team is currently working on bringing the 162 Grafton Road site into production. COVID restrictions have slowed down the timing of the project, delaying the fibre paths towards Datavault however, orders are now back on track and engineers are standing by for an install. All being well, the new datacentre could be operational as soon as April.

Plans are also underway in Auckland to increase the bandwidth and diversity of NZIX’s inter datacentre links. The new AKL-IX ring will see a 200Gbps diverse link between each datacentre, ensuring healthy available capacity and reducing unpredictable spikes.

Last month NZIX surveyed its members on locations for a new IX in Wellington. Still in the early planning stages, the plan is to launch WLG-IX mid-2021. More details will be available over the coming months.

For more information on these projects email peering@ix.nz