Nominations to the Board – 2021 Annual General Meeting

Nominations to the Internet Association of Australia Ltd Board are now open. Please submit your nomination below. Nominations close at 5pm AWST/8pm AEDT Monday 25 October.

Nominations must meet the IAA Board eligibility within the Association Constitution. Nominees are required to sign a Consent to Act as a Board Member, a Confidentiality Undertaking, Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct for their nominations to be accepted.

If you have any queries please contact

Time Commitment 

Being on the IAA board can be time consuming. What you get out of it also depends on what you put into it. Board members can expect (as a minimum): 

  • 1-2 hr board meeting at least once per month + pre-reading (Current meeting time is scheduled on the third Monday of each month, at 9am AWST) 
  • 1 hr per week asynchronous catch ups 
  • other committees or events as scheduled throughout the year (this year has had 5 sub-committees and 7 events).

If you become an office bearer or assist in other project or committee work this time can be considerable, however the experience and contacts you will gain are invaluable. 

Further information on the roles and responsibilities of the Board is available on our website.

Nomination Form

By completing this nomination form, I attest that I am eligible to be a Director as per section 10.2 of the IAA Constitution

    An IAA representative will contact you to confirm your eligibility for nomination and provide the Consent to Act as a Board Member, a Confidentiality Undertaking, Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct for you to sign. As per section 201D of the Act and 10.4 (d) of the IAA Constitution, your nomination cannot be accepted until these are signed.

    IAA Constitution

    Section 10.2  – Qualification and eligibility to be a Director

    (a) In addition to the circumstances which disqualify a person from managing a corporation under the Act, no person who:
    (i) is an employee of the Company;
    (ii) has been bankrupt (including, as a result of a sequestration order or by voluntarily applying for bankruptcy) within the previous five years; or
    (iii) who has been an insolvent under administration within the previous five years,
    is eligible to become a Director.

    (b) The election or appointment of a Director will have no effect unless the person provides the Secretary with a written consent to act for the purposes of section 201D of the Act, and any confidentiality undertaking, conflict of interest policy and code of conduct, as determined by the Board, in each case signed by the electee or appointee (as the case may be).

    (c) An Elected Director must be a:
    (i) Professional Member;
    (ii) Honorary Life Member; or
    (iii) director or employee of a Corporate Member.

    (d) To be eligible to stand for election or appointment as a Director, an individual:
    (i) must not be subject to any circumstance in accordance with rule 10.8 that would result in them ceasing to be a Director once elected or appointed;
    (ii) if a Member, must not have any overdue fees payable to the Company; and
    (iii) if an employee or director of a Corporate Member, that Corporate Member must not have any overdue fees payable to the Company.