2021 AGM Board Nominees

The 2021 nominees to the Internet Association of Australia Ltd Board are below.

Nominations are now closed.

If you have any queries please email secretary@internet.asn.au

Corporate Candidates

Daryl Collins, Akamai International

I have significant Internet Industry experience from both the Australian ISP and Global Content perspective. I’ve spent the last 5 years as part of Akamai’s global Network Architecture team and am based in Adelaide. Prior to Akamai, I spent 15 years at Internode, leading the network teams and later focusing on Network Architecture at Internode and subsequently iiNet.

I have been a director of IAA since 2017 and part of the NZIX management committee since 2018.

My professional interests are in Internet Interconnection & backbone networks.

Nomination Statement:
My current term as director has come to an end. IAA has evolved significantly since I became involved and I am seeking re-election so I can continue to contribute to IAA’s work in the Australian Internet Industry.

I would also intend to continue representing IAA on NZIX’s management committee and helping NZIX to expand and evolve.

Professional Candidates

Nate Garr

Deep interconnection and acquisition roots coupled with business development and commercial negotiation. Building networks from outside plant fiber builds to Datacenter deployments has provided me grounded insight and perspective as we continue to push content and application adoption closer to end users. My first deployments in AU with both NTT and Fastly provided me with the opportunity to drive interconnection and experience firsthand the necessity and relevance of peering and collaboration. Over time with exposure to many IXPs since then along with colleagues that commit their volunteered time to these consortiums and non-profits inspired me (and continues to inspire) to give back to the Internet Community.

Nomination Statement:
Bringing my operations, engineering and business-development experience to the table I’m looking to assist in the expansion and reach of IAA. Providing support and oversight to enable the interconnection efforts for both ISPs and Content organizations. The strong and driven leadership within IAA continue to solidify, streamline and innovate. Helping those efforts is both an obligation and an opportunity and my intent is to bring my experience to the team and help drive the business.

Richard Thompson

I’ve spent the past 6 years working for Cloudflare, a network that is not only present on hundreds of IXPs globally, but one that also plays an active role within those IXP communities. While I started as a Network Engineer, I have grown into a role that has me leading a team of engineers tasked with operating and scaling Cloudflare’s global network. For the past year I’ve also been a Director on the IAA Board.

Nomination Statement:
I am relocating from Sydney to NZ and while I will still be working closely with Cloudflare, the change in circumstance means I won’t be able to continue on the IAA Board as I was voted on with Cloudflare’s corporate membership. I have enjoyed the past year and I am proud of what we have achieved together. I would be honoured to continue assisting in furthering the goals of the IAA and its members if re-elected.