Across the Tasman, our friends at the New Zealand Internet Exchange have entered into an exciting collaboration with New Zealand wholesale provider, Chorus, to offer peering from any handover port on Chorus’ ultra-fast broadband network to the NZIX Auckland Internet Exchange.

EdgeConnect is available from today, November 30, and will enable Chorus customers to communicate with other NZIX members on the same exchange, whether they are physically connected to NZIX exchange switches or are other NZIX members connected via Chorus.

Chorus EdgeConnect is currently only available on the Auckland Internet Exchange (AKL- IX). A date for availability of the new service is not yet confirmed for Christchurch (CHC-IX).

To enable NZIX peering over EdgeConnect, New Zealand internet service providers and organisations will need to have:


  • A current NZIX service or willingness to become an NZIX member
  • Chorus customer status
  • A Chorus NGA handover (ENNI)

Orders for EdgeConnect can be made via the NZIX Member Portal. For more information visit the NZIX website or email