Our most recent (and most lively!) event featured our new IAA Board Secretary, Matt Enger, relating his experience building an ISP from spare parts and a handful of customers to 10,000 customers, multiple POPs and high reliability on a shoestring budget. Members and friends enjoyed a lively discussion afterwards on the various technical and operational approaches for keeping to budget whilst maintaining high customer retention and satisfaction. It really rated as one of our best events yet, so keep an eye out for the video.

Across the Tasman, our friends at the New Zealand Internet Exchange have entered into an exciting collaboration with New Zealand wholesale provider, Chorus, to offer peering from any handover port on Chorus’ ultra-fast broadband network to the NZIX Auckland Internet Exchange.

EdgeConnect is available from today, November 30, and will enable Chorus customers to communicate with other NZIX members on the same exchange, whether they are physically connected to NZIX exchange switches or are other NZIX members connected via Chorus.

Chorus EdgeConnect is currently only available on the Auckland Internet Exchange (AKL- IX). A date for availability of the new service is not yet confirmed for Christchurch (CHC-IX).

To enable NZIX peering over EdgeConnect, New Zealand internet service providers and organisations will need to have:


  • A current NZIX service or willingness to become an NZIX member
  • Chorus customer status
  • A Chorus NGA handover (ENNI)

Orders for EdgeConnect can be made via the NZIX Member Portal. For more information visit the NZIX website or email peering@ix.nz

Engineers love playing networks but we also like our holidays free of outages (and work, too). Thus, we have implemented a Network Change Embargo between 23rd December 2020 and 10th January 2021 inclusive. During this time services will not be added or removed. Support staff will be on call to deal with urgent issues. We will be accepting orders and change requests up until 11th December for actioning before 22nd December 2020.

Place your orders via the Member Portal without delay!

We are excited to announce that the next set of links in the intercap project are pending turn up.

  • 30Gbps SYD-MEL (Total 40Gbps)
  • 20Gbps SYD-ADL
  • 10Gbps ADL-MEL (Total 20Gbps)
  • 10Gbps ADL-PER (Total 20Gbps)

If all goes to plan, the new links will be up within the next month before the network embargo.

Due to increased demand IAA has increased cache capacity in two major capital cities.  We have added an additional 60Gbps of Netflix OCA capacity in Melbourne, and an additional 40Gbps in Brisbane.

The new Facebook caches in Brisbane and Perth are currently being commissioned by Facebook and will be available in the coming months.

Sadly, whilst our borders are opening up between the states at last, the rules around gatherings over the end of the year are still too strict for us to have much in the way of in person events.  Instead, this year we are inviting you to join IAA staff and Board virtually for a few festive drinks. We hope you can join us on Friday December 11th, from 2.00pm AWST / 5pm (AEDT) onwards. Register via Zoom to get your meeting link.

Well, here we are in the last gasps of 2020, and a year we’re glad to see the back of, that’s for sure! Over here at IAA, we’re getting those last few upgrades into place before the team head off for a bit of a break. It’s great to see those intercapital links coming on stream at last, with new capacity lighting up between Sydney and Melbourne as well as Melbourne and Adelaide. You’ll also be glad to hear that we’ve increased the capacity between our content networks so that your customers can all enjoy their streaming services full pelt over the holiday season. We’ve already seen an uptick of some 20Gbps throughput out of the most popular services!

Speaking of content, we have also just got the new Sourceforge mirror up, and soon we expect to see FreeBSD mirrored, as well as a new DNS root source on our network. Melbourne peers should also be enjoying the extra capacity into our Google cache by now, too.

We have had our last Life Under Lockdown event, and we are in the process of organising a member round table with the Minister for Communications’ office on the topic of NBN onboarding for RSPs. If you missed out on an invitation, do get in touch so that we can add you to our list.

Well, that’s it from me for the year. May you all have a much less stressful, far more profitable 2021.

Happy peering!

Narelle Clark