One item that caught our eye last month was NBN Co’s confusing announcement that the CVC boost will be phased out. This will be coupled with new pricing and a new wholesale agreement. We are still in the process of unpicking what this all means, and it seems NBN Co isn’t quite sure what it all means either. Either way, we welcome member thoughts on this as we will be actively engaging in the next round of consultations over this with a view to getting clarity and improvement in the pricing and services.

IAA will be implementing a change freeze on services between 23rd December 2020 and 10th January 2021 inclusive. During this time services will not be added or removed. Support staff will be on call to deal with urgent issues. Please remember all orders and change requests need to be received by December 11th, 2020.

As Melbourne emerges from lockdown, we are continuing our online event series, this time looking at building an ISP on a budget.

Life Under Lockdown: Roll your own ISP, how to build a scalable, reliable ISP from low cost components will take you on a journey from start up to successful service provider.

IAA Board member Matthew Enger runs X Integration, an ISP that he started and has grown from a few hundred customers to thousands. Join Matthew as he talks us through obtaining and repurposing the parts, operating and scaling his network, and the gotchas he has seen along the way. From dDoS to regulation, this will be a useful and entertaining “how to” for everyone in the industry.

Date: Tuesday 24th November 2020
Time: 2pm AWST/5pm AEDT
Location: Zoom webinar and social

Come along and share your experiences or maybe get some ideas for a future start up project.

Members and guests can register via Zoom

We would officially like to welcome two new members to the IAA Board, Richard Thompson from Cloudflare and Nate Garr from StackPath, both elected by corporate members for two-year terms.

We are also delighted to welcome back to the board David Hooton, Matthew Moyle-Croft, Matthew Enger and Brett O’Hara. David and Brett were both elected by corporate members for three-year terms, whilst Matthew Moyle-Croft and Matthew Enger were elected by professional members, for three year and two-year terms, respectively.

New and returning members will join Matthew McDonough and Daryl Collins who are continuing their two-year terms after their election last year. Thank you also to Daryl for fulfilling the duties of Returning Officer at this year’s election.

The IAA Board and staff would also like to thank Nathan Brookfield who retired from the Board at this year’s AGM, after five years tireless work on behalf of the Association. Thank you also to Jay Binks for his service over the last year.

There are also several areas to highlight as focus for the year ahead. A consultation process with members will be undertaken over a proposal to become a national not-for-profit organisation under Australian corporations law, potentially moving away from the state-based associations law under which we currently sit. Rest assured, such a move would not mean abandoning our WA home, rather it would mean streamlining our governance. Our WA roots are too strong, too valuable and too important to lose.

Speaking of things important to our hearts, an announcement was also made of a program to remember Kellie Ireland which will assist a range of women both entering and continuing in the industry, and we hope members will support this initiative. Stay tuned in future for further announcements.

Several upcoming technical projects were also discussed during the meeting:

  • Intercapital upgrades
  • Further replacements of BDX8 switches in Melbourne
  • 100G Facebook caches to be activated in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth
  • New content and mirrors

If you have anything you’d like to see in our content caches, do please get in touch, and we’ll do our best to get it on board!

If you missed the meeting, or would like to re-watch the proceedings, you can view the recording on our YouTube Channel or Facebook page. The AGM presentation slides and our first Annual Report publication are available to download our website.

We were also very lucky to secure guest speaker Jari Arkko of Ericsson Research to present at this year’s AGM. Jari’s presentation Evolving the Internet through COVID-19 and Beyond looked at how the Internet has been coping during these periods of lockdown, other changes brought about by the pandemic, and what lessons can be learned from these into the future. You can also watch Jari’s presentation on our YouTube Channel.

IAA will be increasing Melbourne’s cache capacity by an additional 100G for Netflix and Google caches in November. Members are reminded that the Facebook cache is an opt in service, but all other cache capacity will be available immediately.

After a lengthy build up, it’s a relief to say we held our AGM for FY19-20 on 27 October, and with our first ever published Annual Report. I would like to thank all members who attended and hope you enjoyed the format. I would personally like to thank the staff and Board members who put so much into the event, and in all the effort over the year. Especially my thanks go to Nathan Brookfield who is stepping down from the Board after five years’ service.

The rest of the month has contained our usual member catch ups, and meetings with politicians, including the Minister for Communications. We’re expecting to meet with NBN Co soon, so please send your feedback in. We’ve also got more on the way in the form of extra network, caches and content. Also, don’t forget our end of year embargo, so get your orders in now.

Happy reading,

Narelle Clark

This month we announced our guest speaker for the AGM, looked at how good our internet is and welcomed the new 100G Facebook cache.

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