This month our newsletter welcomes a new peering engineer, looks into NBN Co’s relief package for RSPs and introduces our new looking glass.

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Last year IAA launched a new status page for members, detailing work and outages within the network.

Over the coming weeks we will be migrating all registrations from our old platform across to our new status page. If you have not already registered to receive notifications, we encourage you to register now to be kept up to date.

Registration is free to all members and you can tailor your updates for particular outages, such as outages by state or for all incidents.

The status page has been linked to the @IXAustralia twitter account to post updates (prefix [IX Status]) from the platform.

Register here to receive network notifications.

IAA has rolled out a new looking glass, offering more transparent routing information to its members.

Alice-LG is global looking glass, covering all exchange points for IX Australia across all route servers. It is a concise application which houses all information in one location, saving members time actively having to search our multiple exchanges.

Alice-LG has several key features including the ability to see who is peering with which route server and which routes are advertised and by whom. All data is available using the REST API.

Why not check out Alice-LG for yourself.

Network Engineer Aaron Chidiac recently joined the IAA peering team. Aaron grew up teaching himself computing before completing a diploma in Information Technology Networking.

After a traineeship and junior support role with a small ISP, Aaron was promoted and given responsibility for several projects including network consolidation, VoIP infrastructure and a national hardware migration.

In his spare time, Aaron is an avid gamer and enjoys getting outdoors for a bit of camping and hiking.

Aaron is hoping his new role with the Association will accelerate his knowledge of industry issues and is looking forward to helping find solutions to make the Internet better. Welcome Aaron, we are excited to have you onboard!

IAA members operating as Retail Service Providers (RSPs) will be able to apply for NBN Co’s COVID-19 relief package announced last week.

The relief package, developed in response to an industry consultation process involving internet service providers, government and consumer groups, aims to assist customers and families affected by the pandemic.

$50 million of the package is being specifically directed at RSPs to support low income households with school aged children who currently do not have an active NBN connection at home.

“The current COVID-19 situation has put more emphasis on access to broadband services as families and businesses change the way they conduct their daily lives. With students homeschooling and many more businesses operating from homes, the pressure to have access to the internet has never been more important,” explains IAA General Manager, Narelle Clark.

“Our members have become the backbone of society during the pandemic, ensuring the supply of essential services, both business and social, to everyone around Australia.”

RSPs should contact NBN Co directly through the NBN Co Customer Portal to apply for funding. If you are not a direct RSP you should contact your wholesale provider and request more details to ensure you are not missing out on access to the relief package.

The package will be available from April to the end of September, but retailers have the flexibility to determine the offers they wish to pass on to customers.

The complete relief package is worth a total of $150 million, with the remaining $100 million being split equally between implementing relief measures to support financially distressed households and small and medium-sized businesses.

This month our newsletter reports on our traffic growth, our continuing support of the industry through sponsorship and is seeking member interest in a new PoP.

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