As we all watch on in shock at the impacts of Australia’s bushfire season on our beautiful country, and see communities devastated by the fires, IAA as an organisation felt compelled to reach out to our own community to see how we could help.

Many of our members have been affected by the fires and with regional communities impacted by outages, IAA have set up a relief pool with the aim of coordinating offers of support with those in need.

Are you or your business in need of equipment or practical assistance? Do you have anything that you could offer to help in this current situation?

IAA’s donation relief coordination is receiving positive response from the industry with many of our members making generous offers of networking equipment and personal time. The initiative was also mentioned in a recent article in the ITNews.

A list of items needed and on offer can be found on the IAA website. Examples include handheld radios, technical and infrastructure support and storage capacity. As soon as it is safe to do so we will do our best to coordinate getting people and gear into the areas of need.

If you would like to get involved please email or text/WhatsApp on +61412297043 and let us know what you have to donate or what help you need.