The Internet Association of Australia is pleased to advise it has renewed its membership with Euro-IX, the Europe-wide alliance of Internet Exchanges. IAA is currently the only Australian member of the association.

Like IAA, Euro-IX is a member-based internet exchange association working to grow the internet community, its head office based in London. Initially established as a discussion forum for European based Internet Exchange Points, as interest grew in other regions the natural progression was to expand beyond its original boundaries, allowing non-European IXP’s such as ourselves to become affiliated with Euro-IX.

With members now located in 50 countries around Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America and Australia the primary objectives of Euro-IX are to combine resources, share information including the coordination of technical standards and common procedures, and offer best practices.

Having joined as a Remote Member in 2013 Euro-IX gives IAA, on behalf of our members, a unique platform to share information and discuss current topics of interest faced by most exchange points today.

Twice-yearly Euro-IX facilitates forums where over 40 IXP’s come together to discuss their IXP growth, technical and commercial implementations, as well as be given the opportunity to learn and grow IXP’s. These forums are recorded and accessible to members online however through its Fellowship Program Euro-IX is also invested in helping smaller or newly formed IXP’s attend.

Membership to Euro-IX also gives IAA access to training workshops, monthly newsletters and contacts at some of the world’s largest IXP’s. Being a member of Euro-IX helps our team build our knowledge and in turn be of better value to our members.

We look forward to working more closely with Euro-IX to share insights with our members.