IAA member Anycast Networks is leveraging IX Australia’s peering infrastructure with their introduction of 100G peering options.

Anycast currently operates the most peered network in Australia and has been a long-time supporter of the IX Australia peering fabric.

Former IAA President and now Anycast CEO, Tom Berryman is focused on supporting ISP and wholesale customers and expects strong growth in peering traffic through IXA’s enablement of 100G.

“Our growth with IX Australia has prompted us to bypass bundled 10G services,” explains Tom.

“Thanks to IXA’s economic modelling it has resulted in a more simplified network for Anycast and is helping support our growing customer base.”

IAA Chair David Hooton is delighted to see members of the Association grow and succeed.

“It is great to have a former IAA President continue to support the Association and it is wonderful to see members like Anycast growing so quickly.”