Internet Association of Australia (IAA) and IX Australia’s (IXA) General Managers, Kellie Ireland and Terry Sweetser have recently returned from a successful visit to the New Zealand Internet Exchange (NZIX) in Auckland.

The trip coincided with NZIX’s Annual General Meeting in Auckland and provided an opportunity for IAA and IX Australia staff to undertake some education and fact-finding missions and to further understand how the association can better support NZIX and the internet industry in New Zealand.  

NZIX is a young, small organisation offering peering services across New Zealand, formed in 2014 following the overwhelming success of a trial AKL-IX peering exchange run by the Association. IAA together with the local peering community have helped establish a dedicated society working to promote the internet needs of members and communities in New Zealand. 

IAA continues to support NZIX in a broad range of ways. From providing daily technical and business operations support, as well as supporting governance administration and providing financial assistance. As like minded organisations IAA has been able to support the development of NZIX as they become responsible for one of the main internet exchanges in Auckland, New Zealand.  

“Over the past six months IAA and IX Australia have accelerated the level of service and support they provide to NZIX. They are now doing a fantastic job of running the day to day technical operations of our organisation,” explains NZIX Chair, Barry Murphy. 

“As a small society run by volunteers it is reassuring to know we have the backing of an organisation with the technical and professional capacity, such as IAA. Having the team spend time visiting us in Auckland demonstrates how our relationship is growing and improving.”

“With increased communications between the organisations we are making significant operational improvements, and we are looking forward to building on the foundations that are being laid,” said Barry.  

“IAA values its role with NZIX and is committed to supporting their growth,” says Kellie Ireland, General Manager at IAA.  

“New Zealand’s market is very customer and community focused, so it was great that we were able to speak with several local operators at the NZIX AGM this month. Understanding the market will help IAA and IX Australia continue to compliment the work being undertaken by NZIX in New Zealand.”  

“With IAA having been involved in the establishment of the organisation, it has been a privilege to see it grow and become its own entity, committed to helping the internet community of New Zealand.” 

NZIX’s latest major project has been in the installation of Auckland’s AKL-IX 100G ring. Increasing the core from 40G to 100G was a project in the pipeline for NZIX however the streaming demands being placed on New Zealand’s network through the delivery of the 2019 Rugby World Cup has driven the need for this project to be delivered now. NZIX has been working with members, including Akamai, to facilitate hardware upgrades to contribute towards the smooth streaming of the RWC on Spark Sport for all rugby loving Kiwis.