Hi there, this month we’re getting to know our new Chair David Hooton and gearing up for some end-of-year celebrations!

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After 12 long years we were delighted to be back in the sponsor’s seat for AusNOG 2018.

The Westin in Sydney provided the perfect backdrop for an excellent lineup of speakers and subjects that followed over the next two days. Everything from subsea cabling to routing and the coming of the robots was up for discussion. For a bit of cultural education we even had some advice from Shakespeare on network maintenance.

We spoke to a great mix of attendees at our booth, including ISPs, manufacturers, research academics, consultants and content providers. Thanks to everyone who came over to chat.

As usual there was a huge mix of technical sessions from a wide range of industry members including ISPs small to large, vendors, individuals and industry bodies that made the sessions very informative. It was particularly interesting to hear technical deep dives from both NBN and Telstra talking about troubleshooting VDSL (NBN) and IPv6 deployment (Telstra).

There was also a significant interest in talks given by Aussie Broadband, Hawaiki and New Zealand’s UFB which prompted much discussion about the future of broadband in Australia. It’s clear to see we have a vibrant and growing industry with a long road of challenges ahead – we certainly can’t wait to see what comes next.

So that was our highlight reel, what were your favourites?

If you’re interested in the participants survey results (pie charts!) you can find the stats and comments here

(Apparently polo shirts are out. Who knew?)

And according to the survey we will see 76% of you in Melbourne for AusNOG 2019!

Following the recent Annual General Meeting the Internet Association of Australia Inc Board have elected a team of office bearers and we are pleased to announce David Hooton as Board Chair. Returning to the role of Secretary is Nathan Brookfield, and David Brown returns as Treasurer until our new rules come into effect and the Treasurer role is retired. (Yes – we know we have too many Dave’s).

David has served on the Internet Association of Australia Inc Board for the past year and we are delighted to see him in the new role of Chair. David is ready to lead the board in continuing the governance reviews commenced last year, and move the association forward through new projects to come.

A self-confessed nerd wrangler, telco entrepreneur and lover of bacon, David has a customer-centred, entrepreneurial mindset, one that has propelled him to lead the creation of innovative networking products and services across several organisations.

With a background in carrier engineering, David has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by businesses making the transition to a cloud environment. David’s technical knowledge and problem solving skills lead him to look for untapped efficiencies across the organisation. And if you ask those who’ve worked for him, he’s a man of rock-solid ethics who fosters strong collaborations between engineering and management teams.

As a serial internet and telecommunications entrepreneur, David was founder of Platform Networks, an Australian pioneer in software orchestrated networks and one of the first companies to gain access to the Australian National Broadband Network.

In July 2015, David founded Ordnance Networks, a cloud scale, carrier grade network-as-a-service business, helping carriers, content, service providers and enterprise build cost effective networks without rackspace, hardware or on-site engineers.

Clearly a man without a fear of heights, we hear that David has recently taken up flying lessons. We can only hope that this new passion doesn’t interfere with his love of fine whiskeys.

If you would like to contact David to chat about the plans for the Association, you can reach him on david.hooton@internet.asn.au