2017 AGM – Call for Committee Nominations

Being on the IAA Committee is a great way to get involved and give back to both the Association and to the internet community.

All nominees must meet the IAA Executive requirements within the Association Rules, available on our website here, and are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Conflict of Interest Disclosure on joining the Committee. Further details on the roles and responsibilities of the Committee are available here.

IAA are calling for nominees to the following positions.

  • 1 x Professional Representative (term to run for 2 years)
  • 2 x Corporate Representatives (term to run for 2 years)

The Association calls members to nominate a person to be considered for election to the committee. All nominations are required to include a written statement by another member (the seconder) in support of the nomination. Once nominations are submitted a representative of the committee will contact the seconder regarding the submission of the supporting statement before the nomination can be accepted.

Nominations will be posted on the Association website (contact details will be kept confidential).

Nominations close at 5pm Wednesday August, 30 (7 days prior to the AGM). Voting information will be issued on Thursday August, 31.

For further information on nominating or the requirements for being on the Committee please contact secretary@internet.asn.au

Submit nomination

To nominate a member for  a position on the Committee, please complete the following form.

Nominations close at 5pm Wednesday August, 30 (7 days prior to the AGM). 

The Association will contact the member supporting the nomination for their supporting statement.

Corporate Nominations

  • No nominations at this time

Professional Nominations

  • No nominations at this time