The Internet Association of Australia Inc. (IAA) operates in accordance with the rules of its Constitution that have been in place for a number of years. Those rules address matters such as eligibility for membership, the composition of the Executive Committee, voting at meetings of the IAA and certain other matters concerning the administration of the IAA.

As the IAA is an association incorporated in Western Australia, it is subject to the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA), which came into effect on the 1st July 2016, replacing the previous Western Australian incorporated associations legislation passed in 1987. The IAA, like other Western Australian associations, is required to update the rules of its Constitution to ensure compliance with the new legislation.

In order to comply with the new laws the Executive Committee has prepared a new set of Rules that it proposes should replace the existing IAA Constitution. We are happy to discuss the proposed new Rules with Members before putting the proposed new Rules to a vote at a Special General Meeting of Members.

Membership Consultation
The proposed new Rules are being distributed to members for review prior to a Special General Meeting to be held on the 23rd January 2017.

Members are encouraged to provide feedback to the Association on the proposed new Rules through to the end of a consultation period expiring on the 16th December 2016.  A full Member Briefing Pack is available here, and feedback can be provided to

Special General Meeting
Following the consultation period the Secretary will call a Special General Meeting, to be held on the evening of the 23rd January 2017. The SGM will be held in Perth, and streamed online for all members.

We welcome the input of all our members as we work towards compliance with the new legislation.