WAIA hosted a pre AusNOG social networking event in Brisbane on Monday 3rd September 2012 at The Laneway Bar. This event brought together current and new peers providing an opportunity to unwind, chat and thank everyone who has taken a part in the establishment of QLD-IX network.

Joe Wooller, Pawel Mrugalski and Chris Markovic from WAIA were pleased with the outcome and the amount of support WAIA has been received from the industry in Brisbane. “This was a fantastic night where I made new friends and got the opportunity to share industry experiences. Being involved in the of QLD-IX has been a valuable experience and an important telecommunications industry moment. The presence of QLD-IX significantly has assisted many service providers within Brisbane,” said Pawel Mrugalski.

People are the most important part of any network and this event gave team from WAIA the opportunity to put a face to the name of the local peers at QLD-IX. Joe Wooller said “The QLD-IX has enabled peers to access a high standard product and a competitive market solution, much needed in the Queensland market”. The QLD-IX has shown steady growth and WAIA is still looking for more peers to join the Internet Exchange.

Sean Finn, Oz Servers C.T.O, and good friend of WAIA in QLD said “As a leading Australian and Queensland dedicated server provider we are constantly and continually looking for ways to cost effectively increase our network capacity; reduce our network latency and increase our network resilience. The introduction of QLD-IX met all of these requirements for us. We were an early adopter in QLD and have seen our traffic levels steadily increase as new peers come on board. A good ten percent of our network traffic is already traversing QLD-IX. As a result of the success of our connectivity to QLD-IX, Oz Servers is looking at connecting directly into VIC-IX in the immediate future is considering privately connecting all the way to WA-IX. If you have network in QLD and have your own public network and AS Number, you should start a conversation with the QLD-IX Team.”

For more information on peering please contact WAIA Technical Manager Joe Wooller on 1300 653 132 or joe@waia.asn.au